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Anne Frank wrote, “Whoever is happy will make others happy.” At Legnd we believe this to be the core of our organizational culture. We bring happiness to many in New Orleans and all over Louisiana by way of our Web Design services.

Web Design

Prices start at $3,000

Our team has been providing Web Design services to the businesses of New Orleans for well over a decade.


Prices start at $500/mo

We have an aggressive SEO strategy, and it works like a charm. From "property" to "photography", our clients' competitors are losing rank every day. Just call us to discuss your plan.

Social Media

Prices start at $400/mo

The importance of interacting with your customers is undeniable. When it comes to your social media strategy, let us drive your customers to your doorstep.

Branding & Design

Packages start at $1000

We like to start by developing a strong answer to, "What is Your Competitive Edge?" and end with a solution that brings continuity across all marketing strategies.

Responsive Web Design

"On the house"

Mobile sites? Mobile-friendly? Reactive design? Oh wow! We're sure that your site will work great on smart phones, handheld computers, and similar hand-held gadgets.

Dedicated Support

Free, 7 days a week

So what happens a couple of weeks after your site has gone online and something unpredictable happens? Strong support is frequently passed by and underrated, but trust that our team will be ready for a good long while.

We live, eat, and breathe this stuff

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    Volunteering: We Love New Orleans!

    At Legnd, nothing is more important to us than our community. When we get a chance to give back, we jump at the opportunity. That’s why when we recently had the opportunity to help clean up the French Quarter, we got right to work.

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