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At Legnd, we specialize in making people happy, and we don't need 'customer satisfaction surveys' to tell us if we're doing a good job. Our client-partner relationships are so well formed that all we do is pick up the phone and say, "Hey Bob. How are we doing?"

Web Design

Prices start at $3,000

Our Web Design process is 'designed' for success in large part because it requires client input at every level.


Prices start at $500/mo

If an SEO company offers you 'SEO packages' for X number of keywords ...RUN! You deserve better than to be treated like a cheap value meal from a drive-thru window.

Social Media

Prices start at $400/mo

The importance of interacting with your customers is undeniable. When it comes to your social media strategy, let us steer your customers to your front door for you.

Branding & Design

Packages start at $1000

We start by researching a great answer to, "What is Your Competitive Edge?" and end up with a solution that stakes your place in the competitive landscape.

Responsive Web Design

"On the house"

Mobile sites? Mobile compatible? Responsive web design? Which one? Be confident that the website we design will work great on smartphones, handheld PCs, and similar equipment.

Dedicated Support

Free, 7 days a week

What comes up a few days after your website has gone online and the unexpected occurs? Good support is occasionally passed by and undervalued, but trust that our team will be there for a good long while.

We live, eat, and breathe this stuff

  • we-love-new-orleans

    Volunteering: We Love New Orleans!

    At Legnd, nothing is more important to us than our community. When we get a chance to give back, we jump at the opportunity. That’s why when we recently had the opportunity to help clean up the French Quarter, we got right to work.

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  • hiring-the-right-seo-company

    Tips On Hiring The Right SEO Company

    Naturally, you might ask your current web designer if they do SEO. Is that really the best idea without doing further research to find the best company? Let me ask you this: when hiking through a strange forest, wouldn't you want to hire the right guide?

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  • business-is-personal

    Should Business Be Personal?

    I've heard phrases like "Business is business", or "Don't take it personally, it's just business," thrown around usually, it would seem, to justify some unethical or immoral action. Is this really what business has become or can business have a soul?

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  • google-address-verification

    First Step to Getting on Google's Map ...literally.

    This should be the first thing you do after your new website is launched. In fact, you should do this first BEFORE ever lauching a website due to the the lead time necessary to verify your business listing. It's amazing just how many businesses do not.

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